About me…

Op het eiland

My daily look and encounters in the city. My passion for photography shows others who and what I am.

In the middle there is a small island with plants and trees which has no name,
it is usually referred to as “the island in the Vijverberg”.

My vision. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want to be done to you. I call it personal policy and common decency. A human to human relationship. I will not infringe on another’s personal space for a picture. It’s disrespectful of others, I might win a picture, but loose as a human being. Respect your subjects, they are not just a part of your picture (they are a part of the bigger picture), they are also people that must be respected. I am who I am, a human being who likes to preserve moments in time and share.

 © Photography: unknown Photographer who was busy with his own Night Photography.